If you have an idea or suggestion that may improve the performance and/or quality of your work while achieving G&G's objectives write it down below. Every quarter the Suggestion Committee will meet and pick fairly which suggestion(s) they feel would benefit the company and employees. G&G is currently offering a $100 bonus for those whose suggestions are adopted and implemented. Don’t forget to put your name below as we will not know who to congratulate and thank if you do not.
G&G encourages all employees to suggest their ideas. Suggestions that identify specific problems and propose suitable solutions to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness through increased productivity, reduced costs, improved and safer working conditions, conservation of resources, and enhanced public services are considered.
For questions regarding this program, please contact Human Resources or your Supervisor.
**If you wish to remain anonymous that is perfectly ok but at this time we will not be able to reward you if we do not have your name.