Composite Spray Molding

Stiff; Low weight; Competitive cost.







Composite Spray Molding

G&G's composite Spray Molding (CSM) technology utilizes proprietary chemistry & proprietary delivery systems developed at G&G to enhance the composite molding process.

Characteristics of CSM parts:

• Incredibly stiff
• Low weight
• Have best-in-class dimensional stability
• Improved surface aesthetics allowing for broader product applications
• Improved mold filling that improves design flexibility with transitional surfaces
• Reduced polyurethane usage

Why Composite Spray Molding?

CSM has proven to be highly effective over the years. Its key benefits include high strength-to-stiffness weight ratio, complete design flexibility, and a competitive cost.  By adjusting CSM glass content and core thicknesses, a wide range of parts can be produced; CSM is extremely versatile. While a sunshade represents a thin, lightweight, full trimmed part application, CSM is also used in thicker, load-bearing Load floor panels.

CSM can be molded into complex shapes, with varying thicknesses for unique part applications. The parts can be covered with a wide range of textile materials, and offer tremendous weight savings over traditional materials.

The Process

The CSM process utilizes proprietary chemistry & delivery systems that are unique to G&G Industries.

CSM is manufactured using an automated spray application over a composite core of paper honeycomb and fiberglass.



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CSM Product Applications

• Load Floors
• Sunshades
• Interior Panels
• Seat Back Closeout Panels
• Structural Panels
• Package Shelves
• Spare Tire Cover
• Tail Gate Inner
• Tonneau Covers
• Cargo Gap Hiders
• Skid Plates
• Battery Trays

CSM Load Floors

• Load floors have optimized glass and polyurethane content to meet physical requirements and cost objectives.

• Load Floors are thermoset and demonstrate exceptional dimensional stability, resistance to heat sag while maintaining a very high flexural modulus.

CSM parts:

• Are customized for your application
• Adjusted for thickness & glass content
• Have customized honeycomb/spacer technologies
• Have optimized mass and flexural strength
• Are lightweight with very high flexural modulus
• Have excellent heat sag properties
• Have thermoset-excellent dimensional stability

G&G’s production system is capable of high volume production runs, with less than average maintenance as compared to other delivery systems, making it ideal for high-volume production.

With a high strength-to-weight ratio, complete design flexibility, and a competitive cost, CSM is the ideal solution for almost any interior trim component.