Stabilicore Cutaway

What is Stabilicore?

Stabilicore is G&G Industries custom molding technology. It utilizes polymers sprayed over a composite core of honeycomb and fibermat. The result is an incredibly stiff, low weight product with dimensional stability.

Why Stabilicore?

The honeycomb composite process has been proven highly effective over the years. G&G Industries continually improves upon the process, allowing us to develop products that are lightweight, and stronger than previously possible.

Stabilicore CutawayThis process allows for versatile designs and lower substrate weights with unparalleled strength and repeatability.

By determining the mat content and core thicknesses, a wide range of products can be produced making Stabilicore extremely versatile. This allows for applications from thin, lightweight, fully trimmed parts to thicker, load-bearing applications.

With a high strength-to-weight ratio, complete design flexibility, and a competitive cost, Stabilicore is the ideal solution for almost any interior trim component.

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